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        Marc sat next to me when we were in Hill Junior School. He had a serious( 1) in communicating with people. One always had to guess what he was saying.( 2 ), most of my classmates did not like to be with him because his hands and shirts were always (3) . I tried to let him know the importance of being clean by (4 )him several times a day to wash his hands. But he just could not understand.

        One day, our teacher Miss West walked up to Marc.( 5) saying anything, she took Marc to the washroom. Slowly, Miss West washed his( 6 )and told him that he should keep himself clean. She did that every day for one month.( 7 ), Marc understood.

        Miss West’s love has given me a good example to follow when I (8 )my job. I always remember to teach my students by showing them the right( 9) to do things. And most important of all, I always remember to give them (10 )to learn and to grow up.

        ( )1. A. question B. problem C. accident D. hobby

        ( )2. A. Instead B. However C. Besides D. Except

        ( )3. A. dirty B. clean C. new D. old

        ( )4. A. talking B. saying C. speaking D. telling

        ( )5. A. With B. Without C. After D. Above

        ( )6. A. face B. feet C. shirts D. hands

        ( )7. A. At last B. At first C. Such as D. So far

        ( )8. A. did B. am doing C. have done D. am going to do

        ( )9. A. ways B. answers C. time D. food

        ( )10. A. more advice B. less advice C. more time D. less time


        1—5 BCADB 6—10 DABAC




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